Leadership Speaker: Carol Talbot
Like many great speakers when Carol speaks her audience listens.What’s different about Carol is, after she has left the stage the audience has changed…forever! They remain inspired as they remember Carols’ carefully crafted and honed messages and they take action long after the event itself.
For what Carol leaves behind is powerful, not just for the moment but, forever…

the effects of Carol Talbot can, and do, last a lifetime!

Keynote Speaker to Firewalk Leader
Whether you book Carol Talbot as your keynote speaker, as a lead speaker at a conference, to transform your team into a high performance cohesive unit or “just” to lead a breakthrough event like firewalking, prepare yourself for one thing…
That is the gratitude of your audience coming up to you afterwards and thanking you for booking such a powerful transformational speaker.
NLP Expert
If you need a keynote or leadership speaker or event leader that is going to bring about long lasting “change” in your audience then, if you are lucky, and she is available, you might just be able to book Carol Talbot, the top nlp female expert in the Gulf Region.

Firewalk and Other Breakthrough Events
If you need individuals to break through their self limiting beliefs and to achieve even higher levels of success then you should check out Carol Talbot and her special ability to get individuals and teams “fired up”…Carol Talbot is The Fire Starter

International Appeal
Although based in Dubai Carol has a truly international appeal with delegates traveling from the UK, USA and the Far East to listen to her. Carol recently has agreed to allocate a little more of her time to deliver her powerful message overseas.