Carol Talbot
30th August 2017

It’s not all in your head: Use your body to tap intelligence, too

Intelligence can be described as a mental ability for reasoning, the ability to learn, understand things and solve problems.…
07th August 2017

How Flexible are You?

Remember - flexibility increases choice in all areas of your life!
01st August 2017

Is it past time to reprogram the software in your brain?

Once you realize you’re creating your life as you go along, it gives you the power to change. Then you can choose to pay…
20th July 2017

Are you ready to take 100% responsibility for your reality?

Remember, your outer world is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, energy, vibration and the frequency that you emit into…
19th July 2017

Are You The Cause For All The Effects in Your Life?

“In life you always get one of two things, either you get the results you want, or you get reasons or excuses for not getting…
12th July 2017

The ‘abundance’ question. Is there enough for everyone?

Remember, once you create thoughts of abundance, the abundance will appear in your life everywhere. so start cultivating a…